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CHILL Hockey U13, U15, U16+/U18 Programs
We are pleased to offer a hybrid program for the 2024-25 season that will build upon our Club history of success in the ORHL, while continuing to expand our development into elite hockey with the NAPHL. 
  • U13 team will play exclusively in the ORHL participating in all ORHL regular season games, tournaments and playoffs​​
  • U15 and U16+/U18 teams will play all ORHL regular season games and playoffs, as well as the AAU Championship, with additional NAPHL Showcases throughout the year. 
    • U15 team will play in the NAPHL U14 division​
    • U16+/U18 team will play in the NAPHL U16 division

We provide a static schedule to help families plan other activities 

  • Schedule is completed at beginning of season and we schedule minimal hockey during long weekends, and no hockey for 2 weeks at Christmas & 1 week at March Break.

School Friendly

  • With no out of town weeknight games.

  • Train locally during the week and play on the weekends!

No Body Checking at all ages​ (ORHL) *

No address boundaries

  • Our players are not restricted by their address.  Want to play with your buddy who lives in another town? You can!  

No release required to play

  • Getting released by your home minor hockey association is not required.

U13 is open for players with 2012 & 2013 birth years

U15 is open for players with 2010 & 2011 birth years

U16+ is open for players with 2008 & 2009 birth years (max of 6 players at the 2008 age)
U18 is open for players with 2007 & 2008 birth years


Specific to U15 and U16+/U18 Player Fees include:
  • Membership in the NAPHL, including an Elite Prospects profile
  • 28-game ORHL Regular Season, including 3 Showcase events in the ORHL consisting of 4 games each and 16 home/away games

  • ORHL League Championship Weekend with up to 6 games played

  • AAU Championship tournament in London, ON

  • 2 Showcase events in the NAPHL (Ottawa, ON and Utica, NY) consisting of 4 games each

Specific to U13 Player Fees include:
  • 28-game ORHL Regular Season, including 3 Showcase events in the ORHL consisting of 4 games each and 16 home/away games
  • ORHL League Championship Weekend with up to 6 games played

  • AAU Championship tournament in London, ON

  • 2 Tournaments (locations TBD)

ALL U13, U15 & U16+/U18 Player Fees include:
  • Overall target is a total of 40+ games
  • Week to week the individual components of the Program will fluctuate; however, will be structured to include the following overall core aspects:
    • Combination of on-ice Coach practices and on-ice team skill development training sessions with Shield Athletics. Development will be front-end loaded during September (with regular touchpoints throughout the year), back-end focus will be on team practices.  Target is to maintain 2-3 on-ice sessions each week with a minimum of 10hours dedicated to Professional Development throughout the year.
    • Games will be played on the weekend (Friday-Sunday) as either Home/Away, Tournament or events.
    • Bi-weekly goalie training for goalies at Cutting Edge Training with Adrian Volpe at Cutting Edge Hockey in Oakville and in-practice goalie training with Adrian Volpe (CHILL Hockey Goalie Coach).
    • Weekly 1hour dryland training session with CHILL Hockey Strength & Conditioning coach Brandon Isaac at Brandon Isaac Fitness in Burlington, including personal programs for off day training as well. 
    • Regular (1-2 times per month) team video sessions breaking down game video and data with the use of HUDL game analysis software (coming soon – live streaming of all games!)
  • CHILL Hockey Player Package that will consist of:
    • Home & Away game jerseys and socks, practice jerseys and socks
    • Custom CHILL Hockey CCM gloves and pants 
    • Off-ice warm up shorts and shirts, hoodie, headwear and team jacket
Total Player Fee will be in the $3,450 to $3,750 range and will cover everything above.
Final costs are still being determined, with finalization of vendor pricing and program design.  We do expect to have a final cost determined before tryouts begin.  Additionally, program can be enhanced through sponsorship & fundraising.
* note regarding Body Checking for teams playing in NAPHL events.  There is no open-ice hitting in NAPHL U14 division, but there is body contact along the boards. NAPHL U16 division is normal body checking.  For CHILL Hockey players not interested in playing any body checking for these events, we will make adjustments for you within the Program.  For example, we can provide additional Development hours for such players in lieu of their participation in the NAPHL events.  For CHILL Hockey players wishing to play in these events, the Team will have body checking clinics that are mandatory attendance prior to the NAPHL events. 
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