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About CHILL Hockey

What is CHILL Hockey? 
Hockey is a beautiful game.  Many of us have childhood memories of playing on a creek or pond for an entire day until our hands and feet were numb.  There were no rules, no labels and no expectations.  No one was afraid to make a mistake because no one was being judged.  Hockey was all about fun and friendship.

The Carlisle Chill Hockey Club (Est. 2016) is a non-profit organization, dedicated to providing competitive, development-focused amateur youth hockey programming with those very memories in mind.  The club was founded with a three member Board of Directors in March 2016, and continues with two of the original three founding members still running the Club.   In April 2023, the Carlisle Chill Hockey Club amalgamated with the Ha
lton Rage Hockey Club (also founded by the same individuals) to form CHILL Hockey.

What is the CHILL Hockey philosophy? 
Our focus is on skill development, but it takes place in a structured and supportive environment.  We feel that character development, friendship and a sense of community are all just as important as playing the game.  All we ask of our players is to give 100% effort and leave the rest to us.  We work with our players to try to help them reach their fullest potential both on and off the ice.

In the end most children don’t make it to the pro’s but that doesn’t mean they cannot play competitive hockey for the rest of their lives.  CHILL Hockey is a competitive Rep-level program with these values in mind.

What type of Player would play for CHILL Hockey? 
Since their inaugural years (Carlisle Chill 2016 & Halton Rage 2019), over 33 teams with 550+ players have put on a jersey for the CHILL or RAGE.   While every family's situation is different, we thankfully have enough historical data and feedback to generalize a few key aspects of most CHILL Hockey players:
  • Players that are skilled enough to play for their local Rep program; however, want to play wtih friends from other centres.  Since there are no geographical boundaries in the ORHL, two friends in Milton and Burlington (example) can easily play on the same team if they successfully make the squad (unlike Hockey Canada, where you must play locally or be subject to fees and permissions to skate elsewhere)
  • Players that are multi-sport athletes and want to excel in additional sports outside of hockey.  Throughout the years our teams have been home to CIAU & NCAA athletes in Track, Football, Soccer, Basketball, Lacrosse and Golf.  This is in addition to our countless players who play local High School sports (including hockey) and Club-Level basketball, volleyball and baseball too.  The ORHL format does not permit weeknight games, so players can train locally during the week and avoid travel for hockey - which creates the free time to be a successful multi-sport athlete. 
  • Players that value a "team first" mentality and believe hard work is fun. There have historically been a few exceptional CHILL & RAGE teams that would be successful at a AA-caliber level (please see our Wall of Fame); however the majority of our teams would be considered competitive at a A-caliber level.  This is achieved by a coaching philosophy, shared by all our Coaches, where the "sum of a team is greater than the individual parts".   Hard work, structured team systems and a focus on team-oriented goals have created a culture of success within our Program. 
Colin Sharman

Founding Board Member


Burlington, ON

Mike Peters

Founding Board Member


Burlington, ON

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