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About the NAPHL

What is the NAPHL (North American Prep Hockey League)?
The NAPHL has over 15 years’ experience in Prep School Hockey. The goal of the NAPHL is to provide prep hockey programs with the best competition and exposure to Canadian and US junior programs along with CIS and NCAA hockey programs. It provides a larger competition pool than participating in localized leagues and creates options for North American Prep Schools to play a variety of opponents.
NAPHL teams will play a series of showcase weekends (5 offered in 2023-24), culminating with Championship in March.
In total 45 different teams played in NAPHL showcase events during 2023-2024, comprising a total of 576 games.  2023-24 Season Highlights:
  • Events were held in Toronto, ON (x2); Gatineau, QC; Montreal, QC, Troy, MI and Ottawa, ON.
  • Excluding interclub games, the NAPHL events showcased:
    • 17 different elite hockey programs, with 282 games played in the Varsity Division. 
    • 18 different elite hockey programs, with 200 games played in the U16 Division. 
    • 10 different elite hockey programs, with 94 games played in U14 Division. 
  • Participating teams came from Ontario, Quebec, Michigan, Pennsylvania, New York and Massachusetts.
At the end of the Season, qualifying teams in Varsity vie for the Mestel Championship Cup, with U16 teams playing for the Conacher Championship Cup and U14 teams competing in the BioSteel Championship Cup. 
What makes the NAPHL unique? 
Its dedication to player development and displaying elite talent!  By gathering quality AAA/AA caliber teams from Ontario, Quebec and Eastern USA each showcase, they are uniquely able to highlight and reward top performers.  
  • Each showcase, in every age group, the NAPHL names "Showcase MVP's" across Forwards, Defense and Goalies with acknowledgement on social media & press. 
  • The MVP's culminate throughout  the year, with year-end 1st Team All-Star designations being awarded (with prizes) to the NAPHL's best of the best. 
Affiliation with the GMHL  
Building on its player-focused approach above, the NAPHL has a key strategic alliance with the Greater Metro Junior A Hockey League ("GMHL"). 
  • GMHL hosts the NAPHL Top 40 Prospect Game, featuring two teams comprised of the NAPHL's top 40 players, predominantly U18 athletes, who showcase their skills in front of an audience including GMHL owners, GMs, coaches, and staff.  NCAA schools and other prestigious hockey programs are also in attendance.
  • GMHL also hosts an annual Draft, featuring all graduating players from the NAPHL. This event provides every GMHL team with the exclusive opportunity to select promising players from the NAPHL, who are ready to embark on their Junior Hockey journey.  For 2024, this is anticipated to be a 10 round draft, approximately 150 skilled players will participate, elevating the competition and talent within the league.
Additional information can be found at the links below.
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