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Below are last seasons COVID-19 policies.  We all hope that we can soon be past it but as we get closer to hitting the ice it looks like it will still be a factor we will need to deal with this season. We will update this page with the latest policies from the Provincial Government, Municipalities, ORHL and our Club as they are established.  We will make every effort to keep player safety and keeping our Players & Families healthy and safe at the top of our priority list for the upcoming season.

Stay safe & healthy everyone!

covid-19 updates

As we all continue adapting to the Coronavirus situation, the safety of our Players & their Families always remains our top priority. Thank you to all our Players, Parents, Coaches & Volunteers for your continued support of CHILL Hockey and we are looking forward to safely getting back on the ice and working our way back to some sense of normalcy soon.  Until we get back there, all updates related to COVID-19 can be found here.

Currently, we are hoping to have our teams on the ice in some form by mid-September for skill development and once we are able to, begin to have some sort of game play that is in line with what our local Public Health Units advise.  See the 2020-21 Season tab for a complete outline of what we hope the upcoming season will look like.

club efforts

We always make Player safety a top priority but like everywhere else we are going to take it to the next level this year while we are all doing our parts to help stop the spread of the Coronavirus.  The ORHL has put together a very comprehensive set of guidelines that we will adhere to (see it at the link below) and we will also be using a new feature offered by TeamSnap that works with the availability tracker that they are calling their Health Check feature.  Before any scheduled event players will have to update their availability and answer the questions through the app to pass their Health Check.  Each team should assign a parent to assist the Coaches with ensuring that all Players and Coaches on the ice or bench have completed and passed their Health Check before they are permitted in the arena.


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