2020-21 season outline

The ORHL has modified its seasonal plan for the 2020-21 hockey season.  Dependent on local Public Health Units of ORHL teams and their regional rules & restrictions, they are planning for a season as per below:

  • Modified 16-game regular season, starting early January 2020

  • Playoffs / Championship by mid-April 2020

Prior to January, CHILL Hockey will consist of development-focused ice with a mix of coach-led and professional run practices. Following the local Public Health Units guidance, we aim to add inter-club 3-on-3 and 4-on-4 sessions to round out the early season offering.  

2020-21 Program Cost Outline:

Due to the uncertainty around COVID-19 for the 2020-21 Hockey Season, our final pricing will be fluid depending on the ice allocated for each team. The deposit money is unfortunately non-refundable, as it secures fixed costs (such as jerseys & socks and off-ice wear for your player), which the club must order in advance of knowing 2020-21 Hockey Season specifics.

The projected pricing provides for a full-season of CHILL hockey; however, the actual season fee will be based on ice costs and will be downward variable to the percentage of our ice commitment we are able to deliver. Once the ice plan and timing are available, we will communicate to our teams and set up final payment options. There will be lump sum or installment payment options.



We are charging a $500 deposit fee on signing. For this you receive home/away BarDown game jersey and socks, practice jersey and socks, CCM team jacket, BarDown team hoody and hat and it helps to cover other costs we need to pay out prior to the start of the season such as insurance, TeamSnap, etc. These are our fixed costs, which while unavoidable, do deliver something of value for your money.  We then have our variable costs, such as ice and development. These costs will be directly related to how much of the program we can deliver. If everything goes smoothly and COVID does not shut things down or cause a reduction in our on ice program (ie we deliver 100% of our full season on ice commitment) , then parents will pay an additional $2350 ($2850 total) for the full season of programming.  


If COVID shuts us down at some point or causes a reduction in the on-ice offering, we will scale down the fees accordingly.  For example, if we deliver 50% of the variable/on ice portion of the program, parents will pay the fixed $500 deposit + 50% of variable ($1175) for a total of $1675 for the half season of hockey. 

If a season shutdown occurs after you have paid your full $2,850 season fee, refunds will be given following the same formula as above.

NOTE: the above pricing example is for Bantam to Novice programs; however, the math logic/methodology above is the same for Midget with the only difference being our starting price point of $1,850 not $2,850.

Bottom line, we are striving to make sure our CHILL Hockey families get what they pay for in this uncertain hockey season of 2020-21.

If you have any questions please email info@CHILLhockey.net