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2024-25 hockey season tryouts

Changes with Age Divisions (2007-2009 birth years)

With the recent changes to the ORHL division alignment and additional clarity on our NAPHL Prep Elite offering, we have modified our tryout process and teams for 2024-25. 


The following will help navigate these changes and where you should register:

  • Are you born in January 2007 to September 2007?
  • Do you NOT want to play full contact?
  • Do you NOT want to play in the NAPHL?
  • Next skate is May 5th 7:00pm Mainway Ice Centre (Rink 1)
  • Following skate is May 9th 9:30pm at Mainway Ice Centre (Rink 1)
  • Are you born in October 2007 to December 2007?
  • Are you born in 2008 or 2009?
  • Next skate is May 1st 9:30pm at Mainway Ice Centre (Rink 2)
  • Last skate is May 5th, if you are unsuccessful in making the U16 Prep team, you will be automatically moved into the U18 tryouts which start as the U16 Prep wrap up. 
Please note you do NOT need to register twice for U16 Prep and U18.  Following the information above, if you only want to play U18 ORHL - just register there.  If you are eligble and want to be considered for the U16 Prep team - register for U16, and if you're unsuccessful we will automatically move you over to the U18 ORHL team tryouts.  U18 tryouts will commence at the end of U16 Prep Elite skates. 
If you have any questions or wish to seek additional clarity, please email 
U15, U16 Prep and U18 Tryout Next Steps

Thank you to everyone who attended our Free Skate & Info Sessions!  The response was overwhelming with 150+ new players to CHILL Hockey attending sessions in the past few weeks. 

To continue further we require all players to formally register for our tryouts, by clicking below:

All of our tryouts this year will start with a skate hosted by our 2024-25 development partner Shield Athletics at their facility in Burlington.  Please note, while hosted by our development partner this is still the first TRYOUT skate and Coaches will be evaluating players accordingly.

Don't miss your chance to get on the ice with one of the premiere hockey trainers in Canada.  For more information on Shield, please click here.

U16 Prep Elite Shield Development Skate - April 21

U18 Shield Development Skate - April 27

U15 Shield Development Skate - April 28

The full 2024-2025 tryout schedule can be found on our Tryouts Page.


SHIELD Athletics—the premier destination for professional athletes and fitness enthusiasts alike. Our modern state-of-the-art facility offers a diverse range of services including off-season training, sports therapy, personal training, private training, and group fitness classes.

Our team of professional trainers and therapists are dedicated to helping you reach your goals in a the most supportive, motivating and results-driven environment possible. Whether you’re a professional athlete looking to improve your game, recover from an injury or just want to get in shape, we have something for you.

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What is Independent Hockey? 

Players, Parents and those interested in joining the CHILL Hockey next year are encouraged to read the ORHL open letter and visit our links to "About the ORHL" and "About the NAPHL"

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