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Players Wanted!

As we approach the fall hockey season we are still looking for a few more players to round out our rosters. If you’re looking for something new this coming season look no further than CHILL Hockey! We are a great alternative to the traditional local team. We are on the ice for a minimum of 110 hours every season and that includes 40+ games and 10 hours of professional development. All our games are on the weekends and weekday hockey is local training/practices, making us the most school friendly option out there. U16 and U18 players love our reduced programming that leaves time for studying, jobs, friends and other activities. See our website for all the great reasons we are an amazing choice for hockey!

Please contact us at if you’re interested in playing CHILL Hockey.

U-18 looking for 1 goalie and 3 skaters

U-16 looking for 1 skater

U-15 looking for 1 skater

U-13 looking for 1 goalie and 2 skaters

U-11 Tryouts start soon!


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