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2023-24 season outline

Highlights that are unique to the ORHL

  • No address boundaries and borders

  • No release needed to play

  • Full ice Novice (U9) program

  • No body checking permitted in all divisions 

  • School Friendly League - No regular season games scheduled Monday through Thursday eliminating weeknight travel.

  • Sanctioned by the AAU (Amateur Athletic Union), based out of the US, the AAU is the largest amateur sports organization in North America with over 700,000 members


Novice (U9), Atom (U11), Peewee (U13), Bantam (U15) Program

Please note that everything listed is included in your Players Fee & is the minimum provided by the Club.  

Most years we exceed these numbers and are in line with most local Minor Hockey Rep programs.  All our programs can be adjusted to customize what teams are looking for.

  • 110 hours on the ice (minimum)

    • 28 Game regular season in the ORHL​

    • 40 Games total (regular season, playoffs, tournaments, exhibition)

    • a minimum of10 hours of Professional Instruction

    • includes Team practices as well

  • Team jacket

  • Team headwear

  • CCM Custom Team Equipment Package provided by West Star Athletics (pants & gloves)

  • B-Clutch Player gear package (to be finalized but likely to include the following)

    • Custom team branded jacket, hat, hoodie, toque, joggers

  • Cost for all of the above (including tournaments) will be around $3,400 (final ice costs will determine our ultimate player fee and will be communicated to parents once known).

April 30 - May 13 2023 - Tryouts 

No later than May 31 2023 - Fittings for all included clothing & equipment.

June/July 2023 - the club has ice through the summer.  All CHILL teams can expect a skate approx. every other week.

August 22-31 2023 - teams will begin to skate 1-2 times per week and gear delivery will be in this window as well.

Sept 2023 - after Labour Day, full hockey schedule will begin.  Schedule for entire season, practice, training and games will be complete and uploaded into each teams TeamSnap calendar by the end of September.

Major Midget Program (U18)

Please note that everything listed is included in your Players Fee & is the minimum provided by the Club.  

We have reworked our Midget (U18) Program to keep the older kids playing hockey.  With school, jobs and other activities, Midget aged players tend to place Rep Hockey and the time commitment required lower in their list of priorities causing many to leave competitive hockey for house league to free up time for other things or quit hockey all together.  We have adapted our program to keep them playing at a competitive level and free up time for those other activities.

90 Hours of Hockey

  • 40+ Games

  • Home & Away Game Jerseys & Socks

  • Practice Jersey & Socks

  • Team Jacket

  • Team gear package (to be finalized)

  • Target is 1 practice per week (Sept - April) plus 1 or 2 games on the weekend (when not in an ORHL event)

  • Cost to be finalized, but approx 25% less than standard program.



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