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2016-2017 Program Outline

CHILL 2016-17 season program outline:


Spring Program:

  • Toronto Top Gun tourney (June 10-12, 2016) 4 game min

  • 2.5 hours of on-ice practice prior to tourney


Regular Season Program:

  • 32 games min guarantee

  • 78 hours of on-ice practice and development, with a seasoned coaching staff and mix of 3rd party professional instruction

  • Includes 10 hours of professional goalie instruction

  • Over 110 on-ice hours in total, with a static weekly schedule

    • 1 weeknight practice, 1 weeknight development session (ie powerskating etc), 1 weekend practice (1.25hrs)

    • There will be 8 “game weekends” during the year, with a min 4 games each weekend – during those weekends, no weekend practice

  • Pre-season dry land training program, with a strength and conditioning coach

  • Full team outfit (tracksuit and headwear) included with your fee



CHILL 2016-17 season fees:


Spring Fee:

$150 (no taxes)


Regular Season Fee:

$2100 + $250 refundable midseason fee (no taxes)


  • Regular season payments can be spread out for financial flexibility; however, if fees are paid in full by June 30 your child will receive a fee Chill hoodie

    • $300 due on the later of signing or April 15

    • $600 due June 15

    • $600 due August 15

    • $600 due October 15

    • $250 midseason fee is due January 15; however is fully refundable/waived, if the team is able to meet its modest sponsorship/fundraising targets

2016-17 CHILL Hockey Development Program:

As stated at the onset, our primary focus of CHILL Hockey is to provide a “second-to-none” atmosphere of rep-level skills development in a competitive, fun framework.  We couldn’t be happier with the Program we’ve developed for this year, and we're confident our players & parents will be too. 

  • We have partnered with Wave Hockey and Power Edge Pro training to provide 28 sessions of PEP for our players (weekly, all season). PEP is the leader in small area training and is a huge name in hockey development today.  It is much more than just puck handling skills, it works skating and a players decision making ability, reactionary skills and navigation of the puck in tight spaces.  More info on PEP can be found at

  • Every Tuesday from 6-7pm, we have rented the entire facility at Centre Ice Academy, which is now owned by none other than Flamborough hockey royalty, Coach Tommy Gilligan. Every week our coaching staff will run the kids through development stations & drills in both the shooting pad and the rink surface - working in small groups and developing core hockey skills. We will have goalie trainers come out to work with our goalies on the shooting pad and rink as well.  More info on Centre Ice Training Acadamy at  

  • Saturday evenings from 8:00pm to 9:30pm we will have a team practice at Carlisle Arena.  With two nights already locked and focused on skill development, we will use this 1.5hr block to work on team strategy, full ice puck movement and game simulation activity.  

Overall, we think the “average week” combination of 2.0hrs of skill development and 1.5hrs of team strategy will position the Carlisle CHILL for a fantastic season of hockey.  By creating sessions dedicated to a particular aspect of training/development or team play – it will allow the kids to focus and in-turn accelerate their own personal development/learning curves.   

2016-17 CHILL Hockey Refund Policy:

Policy – Players Ill or Injured During the Season
Spring Fee is not refundable.
Monthly Hockey Cost to be reimbursed for each month following release from team roster.  For example, if a player is released December 20th, the refund would be 3 x Monthly Hockey Cost (Jan, Feb & Mar).
Refund only applies to players unable to return to team.
Notification for release from roster must be submitted to Carlisle Chill Hockey Club in writing accompanied by an Injury Report/Dr’s Certificate.

Policy – Players Quitting or Released by Team Management
Spring Fee is not refundable.
Monthly Hockey Cost to be reimbursed for each month following player’s release from roster.
Notification for release from roster must be submitted to Carlisle Chill Hockey Club in writing.
An Administration Fee of $200.00 will be charged.


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