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Carlisle CHILL Hockey Club 

What is CHILL Hockey?


Hockey is a beautiful game.  Many of us have childhood memories of playing on a creek or pond for an entire day until our hands and feet were numb.  There were no rules, no labels and no expectations.  No one was afraid to make a mistake because no one was being judged.  Hockey was all about fun and friendship.


We started the Carlisle CHILL Hockey club with those very memories in mind.  Our focus will be on skill development but it will take place in a structured and supportive environment.  We feel that character development, friendship and a sense of community are all just as important as playing the game.  All we ask of our players is to give 100% effort and leave the rest to us.  We will work with our players to to try to help them reach their fullest potential both on and off the ice.


In the end most children don’t make it to the pro’s but that doesn’t mean they cannot play competitive hockey for the rest of their lives.  The CHILL hockey club is a non-profit, competitive Rep-level program with these values in mind.

The Carlisle CHILL hockey club is honoured to have you as part of our family and we hope to create positive and long lasting memories for your children.


Mike, Mike & Colin


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